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Sundarban Tour Travel and Hotel Booking Guide.

Want to experience the thrill of visiting the largest mangrove forests in the world? Want to see the mighty Royal Bengal tiger in the wild in all its glory? Want to take a boat ride through the mysterious creeks of as you try and spot wild animals on the banks? Experience all this and even more if you book a Sundarban travel package with us.

We are the best choice when it comes to providing you a package trip to the Sundarban National Park. First of all, you can choose from different packages according to the time you have. We offer 2 days 1 night package or a 3 days 2 nights package. Furthermore, you can also customize your package if you want to travel independently.

The Sundarban travel packages are available from Kolkata and Canning. We transport you in a car or a jeep which is included in the package cost. Above all, we promise to provide you with the most affordable rates for the packages plus unmatched comfort and hospitality. We also provide trained guides who will take you on thrilling journeys by launch through the narrow creeks.

Fauna of Sundarban

Fauna of Sundarban

These journeys are perhaps the high point of the trip. You can train your binoculars to spot large crocodiles basking in the sun and deer grazing in the forest. If you are lucky you can even witness the majestic Royal Bengal tiger swimming across the river. Get close to nature, animals and a wide variety of birds in one of the world’s most unique Tiger reserves. Get to mingle with the villagers and know their culture and traditions.

We take you on a tour of the land where man and tiger live in close proximity. Here, hungry tides swallow up lands altogether. Here, men risk their lives to go and hunt for fish and collect honey in the dense forests. Here, life is hard but full of a certain rustic charm. Come and visit Sundarban with us!

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